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Joomla | Guide and user manual in PDF English

Joomla is with other CMS such as WordPress, Blogger or Drupal, one of the environments when used to make web pages. That is why we have

DotNetNuke Manual And User Guide PDF

DotNetNuke. It was born from an application called IBuySpy. This application, developed for Microsoft by Scott Stanfield and its partners Vertigo Software, intended to show things that

Prestashop Manual And User Guide PDF

Prestashop. If there is a powerful tool within creating online business, this is Prestashop. A CMS that allows developers to build online stores in a short

Drupal | Manual for installation and free PDF

Drupal. It is, today, a CMS used fairly among those who have decided to create your own blog or website so it is necessary to know their

Blogger | Manual and User guide in PDF

Blogger. It is a service created by Pyra Labs, and acquired by Google in 2003, which lets you create and publish a blog online. To publish content,

OsCommerce Manual And User Guide PDF

OsCommerce. This CMS for e-commerce and online management came to light in 2000 and is 100% developed in PHP. To work you need an Apache server