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Ruby Manual And User Guide PDF for free

In this manual , Ruby, you can find everything you need to start using , with relative ease , to manage object-oriented programming technique . A

HTML 5 User Manual in PDF

HTML 5 is the revision most current, the fifth to be exact, of language HTML. Although this lenguje is still under review, as they still need

C++ Manual And User Guide PDF

C++. A programming language designed in the mid-1980s by Bjarne Stroustrup.

Turbo Pascal 7 Manual And User Guide in PDF

Turbo Pascal is nothing more than an integrated system that includes the programming language itself as well as the compiler and environment for software development.

Ajax Manual And User Guide in PDF for beginners

AJAX, Acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), is a web development technique for creating interactive applications or RIA (Rich Internet Applications).

Android | The Programmer’s guide in PDF for free

 Android. The Android mobile operating system is one of the most currently used in the world of mobile telephony. It is for this reason that we can

Symfony Manual And User Guide PDF for free

Symfony is considered as the most important framework to develop applications in PHP since it allows to increase productivity and quality of work.

Java Manual And User Guide PDF

Java. This  manual teaches you the first steps to get started with the universal programming language. Consult and learn all the content to be a true expert

XML Manual And User Guide in PDF for free

XML In spite of being a programming language in plain text mode, similar to HTML, it allows us, unlike the latter, to extract information from a database